Legacy Giving

At different stages of your life, you can give hope to children in need by leaving a gift in your will to Beam International Foundation to continue your love.

You can make your legacy giving to Beam in advance by choosing different methods according to your wishes.

  • Pecuniary legacy: Donate a fixed sum of money
  • Residuary legacy: Donate part or all of the legacy balance after the legacy is distributed
  • Specific legacy: For example property, stocks or shares
  • Policy giving: Naming “Beam International Foundation Limited” as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, and donate all or part of the sum assured. (Beam International Foundation Limited is also the supporting organization of the Life Care Movement)

If you wish to make legacy giving to Beam by making a will, please declare in the will that “Beam International Foundation Limited”, 19/F Room A, On Loong Comm Bldg, 276-278 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, IR No. 91/360251 is the designated beneficiary.

We are pleased to have your enquiry for calling us at Tel: 2827 8044 or email :