If you are interested in raising awareness and fund for Beam International Foundation Limited (formerly 'Operation Smile - China Medical Mission Limited') you may turn a special occasion, sport events or other activities into a fundraising event by simply creating your very unique online fundraising page. Share the page with your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to support you by donating via your page. You can also help make a difference in someone’s life. Click here to download user guide to create your Personal Fundraising Page.

Dec 4 - Run for Smile 10k Trail Race

This is a cause close to my heart, as one of my nieces was born in China with a cleft lip and palate.  This relatively simple surgery is critical for affected children to receive at an early age, and is completely life-changing! I am hoping to raise
Event Date: December 04,2016 Fundraising Target: HK$6,000

Run for Smile 2016

Myself and my good friends, Lisa and Shay, have decided to enter the "Run For Smile 2016" 10km race in early December! The event has been organised by the charity "Beam International Foundation", which is a Hong Kong based charity that raises mone
Event Date: December 04,2016 Fundraising Target: HK$10,000 Raised so far: HK$3,550

Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3

The Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 is a fun and adrenalin-fueled race organized by Revolution Asia Ltd. Designed in a unique format which combines open-water swimming, trail-running and road running, this is an opportunity for adventure minded athletes t
Event Date: November 14,2015 Fundraising Target: HK$200,000 Raised so far: HK$17,300

Revolution Asia Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3

I\'m running to help raise money for the Beam International Foundation, a medical charity headquartered in Hong Kong that provide free surgeries for underprivileged children with cleft lips and / or cleft palates in China. The Race will be split i
Event Date: November 14,2015 Fundraising Target: HK$500 Raised so far: HK$500

Amy's first full marathon :)

Can you imagine a life without smiles? On 4 July 2015, I will do my first full marathon in Inner Mongolia and attempt to turn this challenge into a fundraising campaign to bring back more precious smiles to unfortunate children in China.  Truly ho
Event Date: July 04,2015 Fundraising Target: HK$50,000 Raised so far: HK$8,800

Support Ying to Race for SMILES in Inner Mongolia

"I was born with cleft lip and palate that almost nobody understood my shaky speech and I got teased sometimes," said our Run For Smile 2XU Ambassador Tsang Chun Kit (nicknamed Ying). By 15 months, Ying had already received two surgeries in public ho
Event Date: July 03,2015 Fundraising Target: HK$150,000 Raised so far: HK$15,280