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2018, Zunyi, Guizhou


The Love of Parents Brings Back the Child’s Hope

Zhengzhou, where we have organised several times of medical mission in past years, in the year of 2018, we came to there again, and we saw so many familiar faces in this event.

One of them was Xiao Yuyu, who was a 6-year-old, eye-catching child. Unlike other cleft children who are relatively quiet, Xiao Yuyu performed himself actively and energetically. Until last year, through BEAM’s arrangement, Xiao Yuyu has completed three times of the cleft surgeries.

The situation of Xiao Yuyu was totally different when he was born. His weight was only 1.5kg when he was still an infant, the size of his body was merely same as his father’s shoe. Not only was he suffering from the severe cleft lip and cleft palate, but also Jaundice and other infections. His parents paid a lot of effort to look after this congenitally weak child, even though they are in poverty, they saved and spent all the money to buy the expensive milk powder which was imported from overseas, fed him by using a teaspoon bit by bit. With the meticulous care from his parents, Xiao Yuyu grown up healthy and lively. To compare with the shyness of him last year, this year, he performed himself cheerfully, confidently. He sang, shared his stories which were learned from school to our volunteers gleefully.

At last, he received a surgical treatment provided by BEAM, to repair the remaining cleft palate, and now his life has been restored with happiness and confidence.

2018, Zhengzhou, Henan
Xiao Yuyu


A Wishful Smile Will Accompany You for Life


At the screening site of Zunyi Mission 2017, there was a cheerful and energetic child, moving around like a little monkey. His name was called Li Jiangcheng (李江城). He was one and a half years old who suffered from cleft lip and palate. Little Jiangcheng was born in a rural family in Dejiang County, Guizhou Province (貴州省德江縣). His father told us that they discovered that their son was suffering from cleft lip and palate when little Jiangcheng’s mother was doing a prenatal visit during fifth month of pregnancy. Even with this knowledge, they insisted on giving this soon to be born lovely little baby life.

However, the trade-off was that they had to give up building their house to save money for the child to undergo the recovery surgery. To earn more money, this couple also decided to travel from the countryside to the city to work, leaving their child to his grand-parents to look after. In October 2016, knowing that there would be a medical mission held in Zunyi, Little Jiangcheng who was just 8 months old came with his parents to Zunyi Hospital. He was very fortunate and successful in receiving a free cleft lip surgery and he recovered in good condition.

In September 2017, they came again for Little Jiangcheng’s cleft palate. His parents hoped that little Jiangcheng could be the same as other normal children with the smile and confidence in his life after receiving a free cleft palate surgery provided by Beam International Foundation.

2016, Zunyi, Guizhou
Li Jiangcheng