Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3

Event Owner: Revolution Asia Limited
Event Date: 14 Nov, 2015
Fundraising Starting Date: 08 Jul, 2015
Fundraising Close Date: 31 Dec, 2015
The Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 is a fun and adrenalin-fueled race organized by Revolution Asia Ltd. Designed in a unique format which combines open-water swimming, trail-running and road running, this is an opportunity for adventure minded athletes to come together and compete in a challenging and competitive race whilst raising funds for a worthy cause. Through this Aquathon event, the organizer and Swire Properties aim to raise funds for BEAM INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION to bring back smiles to underprivileged children with cleft in China. Each race participant will be asked to contribute a minimum donation of HK$300 towards BEAM.
The Race will be split into three stages – Sea 1.5km, Mountain 8.3km and Urban 7.5km, with teams of two or solo. Participants will tackle a total distance of 17.3km and 900m of elevation gain in an explosive race that starts at South Bay Beach and finishes at Taikoo Place. After crossing the finish line on Tong Chong Street, runners will step right into a party where they can enjoy food, beer and drinks while celebrating with teammates, friends and families in a market place extravaganza. To register for the race, please visit www.revolution-asia.com

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Raised so far: HK$17,300 Fundraising Target: HK$ 200,000

Recent Donors

  • COlin Terry 16/11/2015 HK$300
    Yau Chung Ming 14/11/2015 HK$300
    Oates Alan 13/11/2015 HK$600
    Malone Aislinn 13/11/2015 HK$300
    Josie Ling 13/11/2015 HK$300
    Andrew Tse 13/11/2015 HK$300
    James Burford 13/11/2015 HK$300
    Laura Perez 12/11/2015 HK$300
    Alice Targett 11/11/2015 HK$300
    Wai Lun Wong 11/11/2015 HK$600
    Mariana Soto 11/11/2015 HK$300
    Michel Lokhorst 11/11/2015 HK$300
    Yiu Keung Chung 11/11/2015 HK$300
    John Ratcliff 10/11/2015 HK$300
    Eric Choi 10/11/2015 HK$300
    Lao Ka Lai 10/11/2015 HK$300
    Gareth John Llewelyn-Williams 10/11/2015 HK$600
    Ho Shun Pun 09/11/2015 HK$300
    Rupert Puels 09/11/2015 HK$300
    Pierre Maunier 09/11/2015 HK$300
  • Bastien Le Coz 09/11/2015 HK$300
    Raine Andrew 08/11/2015 HK$300
    WONG Tak Lun 08/11/2015 HK$600
    Jonathan Toller 08/11/2015 HK$600
    07/11/2015 HK$300
    Paul Buckland 07/11/2015 HK$300
    Nicolas Gontard 06/11/2015 HK$300
    Marcos Cesar Da Silva Abdalla 06/11/2015 HK$600
    Daniel Perez-Palomar 06/11/2015 HK$300
    Dennis Paula 05/11/2015 HK$300
    James Park 05/11/2015 HK$600
    05/11/2015 HK$600
    Cai Yang 04/11/2015 HK$300
    Fabio Orsenigo 04/11/2015 HK$300
    Chi Keung Tam 03/11/2015 HK$300
    Christina Fung Kwan Kui 30/10/2015 HK$100
    Siu Fung Patricia Li 30/10/2015 HK$200
    Jonathan Collins 29/10/2015 HK$600
    23/10/2015 HK$300
    Tok Fung Sam Pun 30/09/2015 HK$300
  • Edmund Tai 21/09/2015 HK$300
    Gloria Chai Hiu Chau 10/09/2015 HK$300
    Flight Centre Hong Kong 31/08/2015 HK$2,000
    Kwong Chuen Raymond So 31/08/2015 HK$300