Support Ying to Race for SMILES in Inner Mongolia

Event Owner: Beam International Foundation
Event Date: 03 Jul, 2015
Fundraising Starting Date: 06 Mar, 2015
Fundraising Close Date: 31 Aug, 2015

“I was born with cleft lip and palate that almost nobody understood my shaky speech and I got teased sometimes,” said our Run For Smile 2XU Ambassador Tsang Chun Kit (nicknamed Ying). By 15 months, Ying had already received two surgeries in public hospital and picked up his speech in secondary school after years of speech therapy provided by the government – yet, not every child can have this precious opportunity.

To raise funds for the underprivileged children suffering from clefts in China, Ying will take the physical challenge of running a full marathon (42.5k) and doing a three-day mountain bike race (total distance of 206.5k) in Inner Mongolia during 3-5 Jul 2015.  It’s to compete for the honourable title of “King of the Grasslands” (KOG) in the Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon and more importantly to raise funds for Beam International Foundation (formerly named ‘Operation Smile – China Medical Mission’).

“I hope this campaign may help the needy children get on the starting line of their lives with confidence and smiles,” Ying, the overall champion of Hong Kong Triathlon Association (2009-2012), continued. Please donate to help create many more beautiful smiles in China 🙂  Thank you!

「小時候,先天的唇裂和齶裂令我發音不清,幾乎無人聽得懂我的說話,偶爾更會被人取笑。」Run For Smile 2XU大使曾進傑(暱稱「鷹」)憶述。幸好,在香港出生的他十五個月大已兩次在公立醫院接受手術,而經過多年的言語治療後,鷹亦在升中時掌握好說話能力--然而,絕不是每個孩子都能有如此珍貴的治療機會。

為此,今年7月3至5日,鷹將會遠赴中國內蒙古參加鐵木真山地車挑戰賽及國際草原馬拉松極限挑戰賽,在三日內跑畢一個全程馬拉松(42.5公里),以及完成共206.5公里的山地車賽事,競逐「草原之王」的殊榮外,更為Beam International Foundation(前身「微笑行動中國基金」)籌款,三度奪得香港三項鐵人總會個人總聯賽冠軍(2009-2012)的鷹續說:「我希望,這次籌款活動能幫助有需要的孩子,以自信和微笑踏上人生的起步點,與人公平競爭。」希望大家都能踴躍捐輸,一起幫助內地貧窮地區的唇齶裂兒童重展笑顏 :) 多謝支持!

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    鷹鷹,Angel : 加油呀,我們在香港會默默地為你們打氣和支持你地架!

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