Run for Smile 2016

Event Owner: Rhianon Roberts
Event Date: 04 Dec, 2016
Fundraising Starting Date: 23 Nov, 2016
Fundraising Close Date: 11 Dec, 2016

Myself and my good friends, Lisa and Shay, have decided to enter the “Run For Smile 2016” 10km race in early December!

The event has been organised by the charity “Beam International Foundation”, which is a Hong Kong based charity that raises money to fund cleft palette surgeries for underprivileged children throughout China. All medical missions, surgeries and treatments rely solely on volunteers and donations. One cleft palette surgery can take as little as 45 minutes and can make such a difference to a child’s life. So, if you would like to help more children SMILE, please support us and donate!

Wish us luck!

Rhi, Lisa and Shay

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Raised so far: HK$3,550 Fundraising Target: HK$ 10,000

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  • Millington Clare 05/12/2016 HK$200
    Watts Lizzie 04/12/2016 HK$200
    Laura Julian 04/12/2016 HK$200
    Harker-Smith Oliver 04/12/2016 HK$500
    Emma Warner 03/12/2016 HK$100
    Gillian Edwards 03/12/2016 HK$200
    Ross Georgie 03/12/2016 HK$100
    Susan Preen 03/12/2016 HK$200
    Liam Slatem 01/12/2016 HK$500
    Caneron Lisa 26/11/2016 HK$200
    Lauren Williams 25/11/2016 HK$100
    Ben Roberts 24/11/2016 HK$1,000
    Tanyth Powell 24/11/2016 HK$50