Amy's first full marathon :)

Event Owner: Fung Fung
Event Date: 04 Jul, 2015
Fundraising Starting Date: 23 May, 2015
Fundraising Close Date: 30 Sep, 2015

Can you imagine a life without smiles?

On 4 July 2015, I will do my first full marathon in Inner Mongolia and attempt to turn this challenge into a fundraising campaign to bring back more precious smiles to unfortunate children in China.  Truly hope you can join me to help them BEAM like the sun again 🙂



特別鳴謝Miumiu Mou的插畫!
Special thanks to Miumiu Mou’s illustration!


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6 Comment

    • Fung Fung June 4, 2015 在 10:14 am

      多謝你呀,蓮蓉同學!搵日去探皇上同黑白貓貓哇 😀

    • Fung Fung June 3, 2015 在 1:20 pm

      Thanks a lot for your support, Sandy #1 🙂 Will try my best to reach the finish, ha ha

  • Hippo June 3, 2015 在 12:01 am

    hippo hopes he could join you for the run to chase the sheep, enjoy the run! it’s fun. support support!

    • Fung Fung June 3, 2015 在 1:19 pm


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Raised so far: HK$8,800 Fundraising Target: HK$ 50,000

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