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Year 2018

April 4月

Beam International Foundation 2018 Gala Fundraising Dinner “A Line of Hope”
逸傑國際慈善基金會二零一八年慈善籌款晚宴 “一線一希望”


Beam International Foundation held a Gala Fundraising Dinner on 14 April, 2018 at The Mira Hong Kong Hotel (under the theme of the “A Line of Hope”). Beam was honoured to have the Honourable CY Leung, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference as the Guests of Honour for the Gala Fundraising Dinner. Together with the Honorable Sir David, Dr Peter Pang Chi-wang, and Mrs Cathy Lee, respectively Honorary President, Chairman, and Honorary Patron of Beam, as well as the Secretary for Transport and Housing of HKSAR Mr Chan Fan, Frank, more than 500 distinguished guests, business leaders and guests attended the event. The Gala Dinner ended with an enormous success. All the donation raised at the gala dinner will be used for future medical missions to provide more free cleft repair surgeries. Thank you once again for being part of the dinner! All of your generous donations have brought hope to the children!



Mrs. Cathy Lee Became BEAM’s Honorary Patron

Year 2017

December 12月

“富豪香港酒店 X BEAM 聖誕糖果義賣 | Regal Hongkong Hotel X BEAM Goodies Charity Sales” 2017


Beam collaborated with Regal Hong Kong Hotel to hold a charity sale campaign of Christmas goodies. Starting from Dec 15 to 26, all sales without deducting costs will donate to BEAM to support our free surgeries for underprivileged children with cleft lips and/or cleft palates in China.



“A Little Teddy Bear for Happiness” 2017


Beam collaborated with Le Méridien Cyberport to hold a charity sale campaign of Teddy Bear during the Christmas period. This adorable Teddy Bear will be available at Le Méridien Cyberport for HK$88, starting from Dec 1 – 31, 2017. The purpose of this campaign is to collect some funds of the little bears to donate to Beam, in order to keep on supporting our free surgeries for underprivileged children with cleft lips and/or cleft palates in China.



November 11月

The English School Foundation South Island School’s 40th Fest 2017


Beam was invited to attend The English School Foundation South Island School’s 40th Fest on 24th November, 2017. We were so happy to be able to raise students’ awareness of the cleft lips and/or palates children in China, as well as provide more information of our foundation’s duties.



July 7月

Asia Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) 2017


In its sixth installment this year, ASLC 2017 is themed Smile: In Progress. The event was held in Singapore from 14 – 16 July 2017. It was attended by some 100 participants, including over 30 students from 8 participating countries, including Hong Kong.

來到第六期,ASLC 2017的主題是“Smile: In Progress”。會議於2017年7月14日至16日在新加坡舉行,約有100位參加者支持,其中包括來自8個國家的30名學生,香港代表是其中一份子。

“The ASLC weekend away in Singapore was a rewarding experience on many levels. It was so exciting meeting people from different countries. Most of all, we got to hear all about the many innovative and self-initiated campaigns with aims in targeting societal issues. The most important take home message was that: in order to make our mark in improving the society, we first have to change our mindsets and actions. Helping the society is not a commitment, it is a state of mind.”




Joey Chan, Year four student from the Faculty of Medicine

The Chinese University of Hong Kong



“At the ASLC I was infused with a spirit of volunteerism by speakers who gave talks surrounding the values of initiative, perseverance and sustainability. I was reminded that positive change did not have to be glamorous or extravagant by Raymond Huang, the founder of Heartware Network, who stressed the importance of integrity and humble initiative in making real change. Another speaker who led by example was Kathy Xu who founded The Dorsal Effect by innovatively convincing a shark-hunting community to turn to ecotourism. As a personal supporter of animal welfare, I was moved by the impact of her project, as well as her thoughtfulness as she critically evaluated it, questioning whether ecotourism would always be sustainable and responsible.


From being motivated to take small steps, to sustaining and renewing goals, to evaluating one’s own actions, I learned from the conference how to be a better leader and effectively contribute to society. Additionally, I made new friends from Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Singapore. I thank BEAM for nominating me to represent Hong Kong and attend this conference.”


「ASLC的講座讓我受益匪淺,資深志願者們的寶貴經驗啟發了我怎樣堅韌不拔、持之以恆做一個服務社會的世界公民。從Heartware Network的創辦人Raymond Huang的分享中,我深深體會到服務社會未必需要驚天動地的壯舉,更重要的是用誠心,踏踏實實做好每一件平凡事。另一位以身作則的講者 Kathy Xu,她在讓獵鯊漁民向生態旅遊業的轉型上功不可沒。不僅如此,她更呈現了一位領袖應有的反思能力。例如,隨著她漸漸熟悉生態旅遊業,自己也不斷就這轉型行業的可持續性不斷提出相關疑問。




Victoria Ngai from Chinese International School 漢基國際學校

Participant of ASLC 2017 from Hong Kong 來自香港的 ASLC 2017參加者


March 3月

Beam International Foundation Anniversary Gala Dinner cum 90th Birthday Party for Sir David Akers-Jones

DSC_5974 - R

Beam was honoured to have the Honourable CY Leung, the Chief Executive of the HKSAR, and Mr Tan Tie-niu, Vice Minister of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR, as the Guests of Honour for the Anniversary Gala Dinner (under the theme of the “Dream of Red Mansions”) cum 90th Birthday Party for Sir David Akers-Jones. Together with Sir David, Dr Peter Pang Chi-wang, respectively Honorary President and the new Chairman of Beam, more than 400 distinguished guests, business leaders and long-term partners attended the event. Money raised at the gala dinner will be used for future medical missions to provide more free cleft repair surgeries. Thank you once again for being part of the dinner! All of your generous donations have become someone’s reason to beam like the radiant sun!



Beam International Foundation Press Conference

Beam PC

Beam held a press conference at The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong, on 17 March 2017. Beam has planned 11 missions this year, hoping to help 1,000 children and allow more volunteers to personally experience the importance of accessible medical healthcare and the difficulty that some families face in the mainland. In addition, it will also identify a suitable city to set up a new base to provide more services in nearby provinces.



Year 2016

December 12月
Run For Smile 跑出微笑 2016 慈善跑

dsc_3739_for-web  dsc_3549_for-web

On 4 December, Run For Smile was held successfully at Pokfulam to raise fund and awareness in helping underprivileged children suffering from clefts in China through provision of free surgery. The participants were divided into five categories to compete in 6 km and 10 km routes. Starting from and finishing at the Pokfulam Jockey Club PHAB Camp, runners raced along Pokfulam Reservoir Road, the Pokfulam Family Walk, Pokfulam No.3 Service Reservoir, and Hong Kong Trail Section 2.

Sir David Akers-Jones, Chairman of BEAM, and Tsang Chun Kit (“Ying Ying”), outstanding local trail runner born with severe cleft lip and cleft palate and ambassador for his second year, were there to support the event. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for the generous donations. Congratulations to all the runners for racing to the finish line!

「Run For Smile 跑出微笑2016慈善跑」在12月4日於薄扶林順利舉行,活動旨提高在中國內地患有唇齶裂的貧困兒童的關注及籌募經費提供免費手術治療,讓他們重展笑容。是次慈善賽跑設6公里及10公里賽事。參加者分成五組,由薄扶林傷健營出發,沿薄扶林家樂徑,途經薄扶林水塘道、薄扶林3號配水庫、港島徑第2段等,最終返回傷健營結束比賽。


12 Sep 2016: “Run For Smile 2016″ Registration begins. Please check. HK$50 discount is given to early bird registrants until 30 Sep.

Run For Smile 2016十公里慈善賽跑現已接受報名,請按此進入。提早報名將獲得HK$50折扣,優惠期到9月30日。


Year 2015

Sign up for the Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 to support Beam

Beam_web_banner_big Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 is a challenging race combining Open Water Swimming, Trail Running and Road Running in Hong Kong with Beam as its charity partner. Each participant has to make a minimum donation of HK$300 to support our medical work in China. The overall champion last year, also our ambassador, Tsang Chun Kit (Ying) will support this event to raise awareness for the needy children suffering from cleft lip and / or cleft palate. Sign up now to contribute to this meaningful cause and Race for Smile! Race details are as follows:

Date: 14 November 2015 (Sat)
Venue: South Bay to Taikoo Place
Category: Individual & Relay
Distance: Swimming 1.5km + Running 15.8km
Early bird registration deadline: 30 September 2015 (Wed)
Please click for the event website and donation page.

Fundraising Gala Dinner's Lucky Draw Result

20150628 gala dinnerBeam is more than happy to be the sole beneficiary of the Fundraising Gala Dinner organised
by Asia Pacific Family Business Club (APAC FamBiz Club) on 28 June 2015 at Conrad Hong 
Kong. Please click here for the lucky draw result provided by APAC FamBiz Club and redeem 
the prizes within one month (before 7 August 2015) at the Beam Office, Mon-Fri, 9:30am-1pm 
& 2-6pm. Prizes cannot be redeemed beyond this period. 

Children Charities Carnival 2015


Beam is pleased to be one of the 9 charities in the Children Charities Carnival 2015 (CCC). Held on 5 July (Sun), CCC aims to educate children to develop a loving and caring heart at an early age by instilling a charitable mentality in them. Our volunteers, Tracy, Ming and Piano, will help us again to create lovely twisted balloons for charity sale. Please come and join us – our supporters can enjoy 10% discount to buy the entry tickets here. Special guests include Margaret Chung (鍾麗淇), Joyce Lee (李樂詩), Eileen Tung (童愛玲) and Winnie Young (楊婉儀).

Asia Student Leadership Conference 2015

The event is now on in Singapore (12-14 June) with the theme of “Go the Mile for a Smile” to build awareness and core values of commitment, leadership and volunteerism among the students.  Three Hong Kong students, Sophie, Clare and Mona, and two mainland Chinese students, Xu Zhengdong and Xu Yihua, join it together with participants from the other 9 regions / countries.

IMG_3749 copy

“Hosting students from over 10 countries, ASLC 2015 provided a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves and others, which was really what the camp was all about – people. The many workshops and discussions led us to discover that the core of volunteerism and philanthropy lies with one’s love for other people, and I believe that we will all take home with us an ignited passion to do something about a cause we care deeply about, or at the very least an increased interest and understanding of the international community.”

Mona Shi from Chinese International School

Participant of ASLC 2015 from Hong Kong