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Smile shines in Yunnan

GUO_CHN_2011_Lincang_After_Guo Yuwei-003

I was born into a farmer’s family in a remote village in Yunnan. It’s supposed to be the happiest moment for my parents to welcome their first-born but they were greatly disturbed when they found me with a severe cleft lip and cleft palate.

In my first few months, I had trouble sucking milk so my mom had to feed me with a spoon. But the milk would come out from the nose, causing choking and gagging that I didn’t manage to get good nutrition. Though living on a tight budget, my family went all the way to seek for help. Learning of the unbearably high cost of surgery and post-op care, we were almost defeated. Hope came to us one day when my parents learnt of BEAM coming to our home town and that I would be able to have the chance to repair my lip!

After the surgery, the stress and desperation that previously lined the faces of my parents were replaced with pure joy, and they couldn’t keep their eyes off my beautiful restored smile.


在出生後的幾個月,我無法像其他嬰孩般吸啜奶水,母親只好用小匙羮一口一口的餵我;可是,奶水總是不由自主地從我的鼻子流出來,令我嗆咳不住,才餵進口的又都全吐出來,所以我自小便難以吸收足夠的營養。儘管收入有限,父母還是竭盡所能四出為我尋求支援,惟高昂的手術費和術後護理費用絕不是我們這種小農戶可以負擔得來… …直至有一天,我們知道BEAM將會來到臨滄舉行醫療活動,而我更獲得接受免費矯形手術的好機會,重燃康復的希望!


2012, Lincang, Yunnan 雲南臨滄

Guo Yuwei 郭玉偉

BEAM like the sun again

Li Xixuan_Lincang_2012

My name is Li Xixuan (李錫煊). Before born, the ultrasound test showed that I had a severe cleft lip that the doctor strongly recommended my mother to have an abortion which, thanks goodness, she declined. While looking for all possible assistance to have my lip repaired, they tried to protect me from teasing and bullying by keeping me indoor. About 8 months old, I was lucky enough to receive a free surgery by BEAM. My father couldn’t help crying when he saw me right after the operation as it’s the moment that he felt hopeful again. Now, I enjoy playing with other kids in the park and of course I laugh a lot.

Without you, I wouldn’t be able to beam like the sun again – thank you!

2012, Lincang, Yunnan

Li Xixuan

My son can speak and eat well now!

Mrs. Yan, Xinfu’s mother

Having been born with a cleft, Yan Xinfu’s father and I were always afraid that our son would grow up to be an outcast who gets bullied and can’t find a wife. As a result of our financial status, surgery did not seem like a viable option. Luckily, we heard about BEAM and were able to travel to the mission center. Yan Xinfu’s surgery was a success as he could now speak clearly with other children and eat all the food we cooked for him. Yan Xinfu could finally fit in thanks to BEAM!

2012, Lincang, Yunnan
Mrs. Yan, Xinfu’s mother

I wanna lead a happy life!

Beneficiary_2012_Lincang_Qiu Zhijie_Before

I am QiuZhijie and I was born with a cleft lip. Nobody in my family ever had this problem before me and my parents felt blessed to have me but were very upset at the fact that I had this condition. My mother was always worried that even if I had surgery I would always have a bad scar on my face and I would continue to be ridiculed and rejected by my peers. The other children in the neighbourhood would always laugh and call me names, and I thought for the rest of my life I would never fit in since my parents could not afford the surgery.

Finally, the local government office contacted my family and told them about BEAM and how we would be able to receive the surgery for free. Our family was extremely poor and finding money to travel to Lincang was very difficult but we managed to make it. After the surgery I quickly recovered and began to see things in a different light. I was a lot happier and healthier since I no longer had trouble eating or drinking. My parents and I will always be eternally grateful to BEAM for saving me and I hope to grow up and get a decent job in the city and lead a happy life.

2012, Lincang, Yunnan
Qiu Zhijie