Other Donation Methods


港幣1,500 元可為一位醫護志願者接受心肺復蘇培訓;
港幣1,000元 可提供手術的醫療耗材。

「逸傑國際慈善基金會有限公司」 乃根據香港《稅務條例》第88條獲豁免繳稅的慈善機構。笑容因您而起! 請捐款支持逸傑國際慈善基金會的志願醫療工作!




1) 網上捐款 (如捐款高於港幣70,000元,請填妥捐款表格)

2) 繳費靈捐款

PPS image

商戶編號: 6481
商戶名稱: 逸傑國際慈善基金會有限公司
賬單號碼: 8位數字聯絡電話

「繳費靈」用戶可致電18033(廣東話)或18031(英文)、網上登入ppshk.com或於繳費靈手機服務APP按指示捐款。如欲查詢捐款步驟,請致電2827 8044與本會聯絡。


3) 7-11便利店捐款


4) 劃線支票 (支票抬頭請寫上”逸傑國際慈善基金會有限公司”)

5) 直接存款

銀行戶口抬頭 逸傑國際慈善基金會有限公司
匯豐銀行 002-7-322478
中國銀行 019-595-0011-6111


銀行帳戶名稱 杭州微笑天使公益服務中心
銀行分支行 中國銀行股份有限公司杭州開元支行
戶口帳號 392-266-223-728

6) 銀行每月自動轉帳 (請填妥自動轉帳付款授權書捐款表格)

7) 建立個人籌款專頁


如欲索取統一發票作公益稅務寬減,請致電聯絡杭州辦公室 (86) 571-8531-8017 或香港辦公室 (852) 2827-8044。

電話:(852) 2827-8044
傳真:(852) 2861-0797


Together, we can transform smiles and lives! Act now to make a difference in someone’s life.

A donation of …
HK$7,800 can provide a cleft surgery for one underprivileged children ;
HK$1,500 can provide life-saving training course for a medical volunteer ;
HK$1,000 can provide medical supplies for a surgery.

Beam International Foundation Limited is a charitable institution which is exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Your generosity will enable us to bring back smiles to the underprivileged children with cleft in China. Please join us to be someone’s reason to smile!


How to support

Through many options to donate practically and effectively, you can be an agent of change in the lives of underprivileged children suffering from clefts in China.

1) Online Donation (please use our donation form for gift over HK$70,000)

2) PPS Donation

PPS image

Merchant Code: 6481
Merchant Name: Beam International Foundation Limited
Bill Account No. : 8-digit contact number

PPS registered account holders can call 18031 (English) or 18033 (Cantonese), or go to or PPS on Mobile App to donate to Beam.

* Please call 18011 (English) or 18013 (Cantonese) or go to to register your bills.

3) 7-Eleven Cash Donation
Please present the barcode at any 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong to donate by cash with minimum donation amount of HK$100.


4) Cheque (please make the cheque payable to “Beam International Foundation Limited”)

5) Direct Transfer
Hong Kong:

Bank Account Title Beam International Foundation Limited
HSBC  002-7-322478
Bank of China (Hong Kong)  019-595-0011-6111


Bank Account Title  Hangzhou Operation Smile Charitable Care Center
Bank & Branch  中國銀行股份有限公司杭州開元支行
Bank Account No. 392-266-223-728


6) Monthly Bank Direct Debit (please submit the autopay form together with our donation form)

7) Create a personal fundraising campaign to turn a special occasion into a charity event.

Request for Official Receipt
Hong Kong:
Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible. For official receipt, please mail back original copy of proof of donation, together with your name, address and contact number to Beam at 19/F, On Loong Commercial Building, 276-278 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Thank You.

For an official Unified Invoice of Donation for Public Welfare for tax deduction, please contact Hangzhou office at (86) 571-8531-8017 or Hong Kong office at (852) 2827-8044 for assistance.

Please contact us should there be any inquiry:
Tel    :  (852) 2827-8044
Fax   : (852) 2861-0797
Address: 19/F, On Loong Commercial Building, 276-278 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong