About Us


The first medical mission associated with BEAM took place in May 1991 in Hangzhou. This included a scientific symposium for local medical professionals.

BEAM was officially incorporated under Hong Kong law, with its own governance and independent financing. It has since raised funds through donations from Hong Kong and increasingly from the rest of China, to support its operations throughout China, where it operates under Chinese regulations.

Our Hangzhou office was formally set up. It has been the base from which our medical missions are organised throughout China, with another base in Kunming following in 2009. These entities were incorporated in China and operate under PRC law.

Launched our first medical center with Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital as a partner hospital, providing ongoing services to children suffering from facial deformities.

Established a second base in Kunming to organise missions to reach out to remote rural communities in the western part of China. 

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, the Celebration of Smiles campaign was launched to fund operations for 2000 new smiles achieved through 20 medical missions throughout China. 

A medical center was set up with Nan Chang First Hospital as a partner hospital providing ongoing services.
Ms Guo Jingjing was appointed as our first Smile Ambassador.

A medical centre was set up with Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital as a partner hospital providing ongoing services. 

China Medical Council was formally established.

Rebranding to “Beam International Foundation”.

Besides running ad-hoc missions in various parts of China, BEAM solidified and expanded its partnership hospital network. This will allow on-going surgical services supplemented with better post-operation follow-up, aimed at improving the cost-effectiveness of the delivery of our high quality and safe medical treatments.

Celebrating Beam’s 25th Anniversary!

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